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About Fashion Coat Painting



What makes Fashion Coat Painting different?

■ Extensive preparation

We won't pick up a paintbrush until we have thoroughly cleaned, sanded and prepared every surface we will be working on. We don't cut corners on preparing for a great finish.

■ High-quality tools & products

We only use the best bristle brushes and lamb's wool rollers. These give a smooth, even finish to your paint. And we only use TAUBMANS paints. Why? Because TAUBMANS, in our opinion, are simply the best on the market.

■ Reliable

We always turn up on time ... every time. If we say we are going to be there, we will be there! We are reliable professional painters.

■ Projects flow smoothly

We like to reduce your hassle, which is why we take the time to communicate with you and any people who will be affected by our work. As a result, we start when we say we will, and projects flow smoothly to the agreed deadline.

■ We protect your valuables

We take care of your property, carpets and tiles. You won't find paint on tiles, or splodges on your carpets when we work with you.

■ QBCC Licensed

We are licensed with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission - License Number: 1306761.

■ Fully insured Insurance

We know that even with the best-laid plans, things can go wrong. If the unthinkable happens and we do break something, or one of our team is injured, you can rest easy knowing that we are fully insured.




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